Missoni Art Colour

The zig zag stripe of Missoni is an iconic element of the fashion world. And the chance to see over 30 outfits in one place is not an opportunity to be missed.

Organised by the MA*GA Museum in collaboration with Missoni, the exhibition celebrates the work and influence of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni on 20th century design. The opening room featuring a three way split screen detailing the process of design, dying thread and backstage at catwalk shows whets the appetite but unfortunately the resulting experience does not live up to expectation.

We are directed through a series of small corridors displaying a range of 20th century fine art including constructivist works from the Missoni collection, before being spat out into the main room featuring a pyramid display of mannequins. While the outfits are undoubtedly impressive, the lack of coherent narrative to bring all the elements together leaves the viewer wandering slightly aimlessly trying to create links and synergies that may or may not exist. A final room contained coloured beanbags (a welcome seat) and another short film that again explored creative process, inspiration and craft.

As retrospectives go, this wasn’t a conclusive well rounded exhibition for me. Shuffling back out the way we came in, I left feeling a little underwhelmed and wondering where the rest of it was.

Missoni Art Colour. Fashion and Textile Museum. 6 May – 4 September 2016.


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