Mrs Lowry and Son

“I am a man who paints. Nothing more nothing less. I paint what I see. I paint how I feel.”

Developed from a  BBC Radio 4 drama first broadcast in 2012, Mrs Lowry and Son imagines the seven years that the painter L.S. Lowry spent caring for his bedridden mother from 1934. Written by BAFTA-nominated Martyn Hesford and starring June Watson and Michael Begley, the play offers a fascinating insight into her perennial disappointment at having had a son rather than a daughter and on being forced to live in Pendlebury as a result of her husband’s debts. Mrs Lowry’s dissatisfaction with her lot in life is evident.

The space is intimate, bordering on claustrophobic, with the set depicting Mrs Lowry’s bedroom where she spends all her time and her beloved Laurie is required to spend most of his – brining food to her and indulging her whims including giving her foot rubs. The single source of light from the window brings the potential for hope but also a continual reminder of both their individual desires for acceptance. The inclusion of the projection of his work behind the bed was a nice touch which also served to indicate the extent to which his painting was integral to both their lives, for better or worse.

This article was first published on The Arbuturian. For the full article please see here


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