Roxie: Steak & Wine Cafe

803 Fulham Road, Fulham, SW6 5HE

Everybody likes steak. Well, apart from vegetarians. They should probably look away now.

Roxie is the Fulham Road branch of South African steak restaurant Fyre in Earlsfield and a sure fire local fave. I’ve been a number of times and have never been disappointed. I have always ordered the same dish every time, but hey, if it’s not broke don’t fix it right?

The lights are down low and the décor is on point. Quotes on the walls and in the bathrooms celebrate the importance of good food and good wine as the key to a happy life – how apt. The booths at the front of the restaurant are perfect for larger groups, with hidden nooks and crannies disguising my favourite table, and the central bar creates a divide before the more intimate hidden section at the back. The kitchen is somewhat open so you can see the masters at work on your meal, which I always find rather exciting.

roxie food

The staple of Roxie is steak. Big steaks, little steaks, fillet and ribeye. This is what they do best, undeniably. The more adventurous can try the South African twist on the surf and turf which also features Boerwors, possibly the meatiest sausage one could ever try; it’s delicious. There are also burgers and salads, all featuring the same prime quality meat, and of course some token dishes for the vegetarians. I cannot stress enough how perfectly my steak has been cooked every time I have been. Lovingly treated and flavoured before cooking, my penchant for rare steak has been confirmed by eating at Roxie. It’s not Gaucho, it’s not Hawksmoor, but it has the price list to match that. I don’t think anybody could complain at £15 for a fillet. In my book, that is a bargain.

Roxie is certainly deserving of a slightly special occasion. It’s certainly not your every week local haunt, or maybe that’s only the case for me who is still basically living on a student budget. Date night, girls night, boys night (it is steak after all), just make sure you book as more often than not it’s packed to the rafters and you wouldn’t want to be turned away, especially not after you’ve seen what’s on offer.


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