FunBags present Unusual Suspects

I’m a Comedian Now

Rating ****

12.00-13.00, Just the Tonic at the Caves

Fun Bags are four very funny women. As individuals they have acquired all kinds of comedy accolades and together they present an even stronger opportunity to be readily amused. The sketches are topical and, on the whole, interesting; we encounter a rapping Cheryl Cole, the pandas from Edinburgh Zoo (a less than intelligent sketch), upper class elderly rioters, mentally disturbed psychiatrists and demented children. Each sketch is performed with boundless energy and commitment, creating a sense of believability in even the most absurd of pieces. Some are, unsurprisingly, much more successful than others and some do very nearly fall flat on their faces when they veer towards unsavoury stereotypes.

These four women seem more than happy to make themselves look utterly ridiculous and they do pretty much throughout the show. They are exceedingly entertaining to watch and have very clear cut personas that are both convincing and likeable. Their expressive and engaging performances make up for the occasional shortcomings of their material.

The audience was small so all credit to them then that they were able to retain such a high level of energy and commitment to their performances, despite such a setback. The hearty response from the audience is also testament to the success of this show. A worthy and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon hour and for only £5 a real bargain too.


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